wedding stationery wording ideas

The wording and the style of your card set the scene for your wedding and give your guests a feel for what to expect.

We have given you a few wording suggestions to give you a few ideas, firstly there a few things you need to decide;

  • who is doing the inviting? traditionally it’s the bride’s parents, but it can be both parents or yourselves.
  • what style of wedding are you having, formal, traditional, informal, modern?
  •  invites always have the location first, followed by the date and then the time.
  • We find our clients like to add the guest’s names whether it’s us printing them or providing a dotted line. This way you can be specific about who’s invited, this helps if your inviting only a few guests from a large family.
    Invite from parents

    Both parents inviting

    An example of both parents as well as yourselves inviting

    Invite from bride and groom

    wedding stationery wording from bride and groom

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